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The Berkshire Dog

Offering speciality dog treats since 2018

-   ABOUT US  -


We believe, like so many pet parents, that our furry friends should be given a chance at the best life possible. The best way to ensure a quality of life is to take care of them from the inside out. For us, it's simple, we feed our family healthy, fresh foods, why shouldn't we do the same for our pets.

We started to really scrutinize pet food and treats. Wow, it was really scary and downright terrifying. Dangerous contaminants find their way into pet food and treats all too often -- salmonella, antibiotic residues and deadly melamine to name a few. That's it, we were done with trusting the pet food industry with our babies. It was time to ensure that our dogs were getting quality food and treats that they deserved.

And so, The Berkshire Dog was born! Everything we make is made in small batches using higher-quality ingredients; we use all organic dairy and flour, our treats incorporate fruit from local farmers to keep in season, and market vegetables are also a big part of our products. We use 100% certified essential oils as well.

We hope your furry friends love our treats as much as ours do!

Deb and Kalee

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