Pesky fleas and ticks often deter us from really enjoying a walk in nature with our favorite four-legged friend. We’ve created a holistic approach to preventing and or treating parasites so your dog doesn’t suffer from these unwanted little buggers. Not only will they enjoy the fresh air and exercise, but they will also reap the benefits of cedarwood and peppermint essential oils; including a calming effect, overall emotional harmony, a natural antiseptic to heal irritated skin, and digestive conditions to mention a few. Do not use on a puppy under 10 weeks.


This formula is also safe and great for humans!


8 oz

Tick, Mosquito & Flea Repellent

  • Made with 100% therapeutic grade essential oils, peppermint, lemongrass and citronella, natural degreasing soap, purifed water and citric acid to maintain freshness. 

  • Shake bottle to thoroughly mix spray, spray directly on dog around back and neck area. Avoid the dog’s eyes, nose and genital area. Repeat as need through out the day. With any essential oil product, let the dog smell the product ahead of time. If the dog has a strong reaction against the smell, do no use it. This spray is lick safe.