Unfortunately dogs, as well as humans, experience post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Trauma refers to both bodily injury as well as mental distress following a traumatic experience that the dog has gone through. Traumatic issues may include past abuse by a previous owner or breeder, neglect, getting hit by a car, an attack by a animal, or it could be as simple as an extremely loud noise such as fireworks. Your dog may be experiencing flashbacks from their traumatic experience. If you witness them being extremely anxious, whimpering, restless, dealing with insomnia or nightmares, or having separation anxiety, you may be dealing with a dog with PTSD.


With a little time and patience you can help your faithful companion get past these issues.

Properly used, essential oils can help calm your anxious dog and help to build their confidence up.


(8 oz)

PTSD Stress Relief Mist

  • Made with 100% therapeutic grade essential oils: coconut oil, valerian root, lavender oil, neroli oil.