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Hot spots are sores that can pop out out of nowhere. Often they are red, hairless, inflamed areas of skin that are warm to the touch and very painful and itchy for the dog - they may also have a foul odor.  You'll probably notice your dog obsessively itching, licking and biting at the area. There are a variety of products you can put on your dog's hot spots, but as always, we like the natural holistic approach. We prefer to use cedarwood essential oil as it is an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial oil along with lavender oil. Thanks to its antihistamine, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, lavender is a perfect choice. Blended  these oils soothe irritated skin and itch. Together they can also soothe burns and act as a tick repellent.


Essential Oils: Only 100% certified therapeutic grade essential oils are used in our products


Please note: Some dogs may not like certain essential oils or may be sensitive to them, so you’ll want to start slowly with them.  If you find your dog turning away or avoiding you when you try to apply the oil, these particular oils may not be a good fit for them.  If your dog starts to rub their face on the floor or rubs their nose with their paws, don’t push it on them. We don’t recommend using essential oils on dogs under ten weeks of age.



Hot Spot Treatment

  • Made with witch hazel, aloe vera, vegatable glycerin, coconut oil, 100% therapeutic grade essential oils; lavender and cedarwood, vitamin E, distilled water, and citric acid to maintain freshness.

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